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2 0 1 5 N O V E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 23 Be careful not to make the mistake of expressing appreciation for every little thing that happens around the shop and run the risk of ap- pearing insincere or patronizing, and render comments meaningless. Save expressing appreciation in this special way for when the work or actions of someone whose performance matters to you exceeds ex- pectations. BECOME A ROLE MODEL FOR CUSTOMERS When you invoke this approach of exhibiting appreciation with cus- tomers, don't be surprised to see them expressing their appreciation in a similar manner. As an example, consider this exchange with a customer at the order delivery: "Anthony, thank you for giving us sufficient lead time to pro- duce this challenging embroidery design. I appreciated the trust and confidence you had in our company to produce shirts on time and to your specifications. When my digitizing and production staff is given the time to properly plan and create an order, the end result is truly a work of art and a very satisfied customer." "Hey, I should be thanking you. These shirts are exactly what I was looking for. Look at the precise detail in the parrot's plumage. It is obvious to me the level of quality and professionalism that went into it. When I can give an order to a supplier I trust, it saves me a lot of time and worry." If you are the recipient of a simple, yet heartfelt thank you from a client, politely ask them to be specific about what they most valued, what qualities they most appreciated, and what the resulting benefit to them was. That is a perfect time to ask for a testimonial letter on the customer's letterhead, too. Customers tend to believe what some- one else says about a company more than the sales literature that a marketing staff authors. SOME SUGGESTIONS If you do not now have a program that shows employees your ap- preciation, develop one. It doesn't have to be expensive or elabo- rate, simply a gesture that acknowledges a job well done. Make your expression of appreciation special. Who knows? In return, you may be the most appreciated boss your people have ever worked for. Good luck! sublimate in top gear With the new Roland Texartâ„¢ RT-640 dye-sublimation printer plus Texart ink, transfer paper and ErgoSo Roland Edition RIP, you get the ultimate in performance for your apparel sublimation needs. Texart delivers quality, productivity and value that will put your business on the fast track. Learn more at

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