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2 0 1 5 N O V E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 27 Finally, test time. Both mechanical and digital timers can be test- ed with your wristwatch. If you are using a manual machine, make sure the timer annunciator is functioning. That way you will have an accurate measure of when to pull up the heated platen. With an auto-clam you will need to verify the release time as well. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS Even after testing all of these critical heat press components, you can still have transfer and adhesion issues. How you ask? Well, have you ever wondered why heat transfer paper manufacturers include instructions in every package of their product? It's be- cause they want to identify all reasonably foreseeable problems associated with using their products. This can include product misuse or dangerous handling and application. In America, each of the 50 states defines product liability laws. Product liability claims are brought under strict liability theory and most states have consumer protective statutes. It is incum- bent upon every manufacturer to ensure that customers have enough information to adequately use products. This information is re- ferred to as "the instructions." Heat transfer products are made to a specific bill of materials using chem- ical components. From time to time, component chemicals are discontin- ued by their producer or changed to enhance overall product performance. Often these changes do not affect the application performance. Sometimes, however, the changes are major and are reflected by "new and improved" on the packaging. The only way a manufacturer can convey the neces- sary application information, changes or not, is through the instructions. Many of the producers of digital heat transfer papers go far beyond just the paper in the package offering online "How-To" videos and a library of product instructions focused on re- ducing mistakes. I can't tell you how many frustrated customers I talk to have discarded the instruction sheet without ever read- ing it, quite frequently at the twelfth hour before a big job is due. As a re- sult, the outcome does not meet cus- tomer or decorator expectations. The failure to follow application instruc- tions is, in my opinion, the largest contributor to complaints and concerns. Common ones include: • I have the wrong product for the application. • The paper won't stick to the fabric. • The transfer does not image in my printer or copier. • Washfastness is reduced due to poor adhesion. • The transfer will not stretch with the shirt fabric. • Polyester dye is bleeding into the transfer indicia. • The sublimation image is not the right color. I could go on and on, but the common factor in all of these complaints is that instructions weren't followed. Not all application problems are instruction related—bad things happen. Substandard products slip through even the most stringent quality control and end up in the lap of the customer. But, more often than not these issues can be at least minimized if instructions are carefully read and followed. Doing so will ensure your customer will get a high-quality decorated garment, save you time, and eliminate confusion. NEW LOW-COST LIGHT-DUTY PRESSES! The Vastex line of light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty screen printing equipment includes: presses in 1 to 10 stations/colors, athletic numbering systems, infrared conveyor dryers, flash cure units, LED exposing units, screen drying cabinets, screen registration systems, wash-out booths and a broad range of accessories and utility equipment. 1-800 4 VASTEX SALES@VASTEX.COM VASTEX.COM DD-1085 • All Heads Down • Screen Off-Contact & Level Adjustments • Floating Head for Repeatable Prints • Steel Pallets Standard V-100 Rotary Table Top Presses perfect for basic printing, restricted spaces, mobile shops and tight budgets • Upgradable from 1-Station/1-Color to 4-Stations/4-Colors • Special Pallet Shapes/ Sizes Available • 1 Year Warranty 1-Station/1-Color "V-100-11" (top) can be upgraded to a 4-Station/4-Color "V-100-44" (above) as your needs grow! V-100

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