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30 || P R I N T W E A R N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5 N owadays, it seems like just about everyone wants their clothes to look at least somewhat trendy, even in the world of wholesale blanks. Apparel with retail influences has become a common sight in the wholesale market as suppliers and businesses aim for a more fashionable, modern approach to decorated apparel. But, finding the current path to that approach has changed over the past few years with the advent of several notable factors. FAST-FORWARD FASHION The road from retail to wholesale has shifted a lot in recent years ac- cording to Next Level Apparel CSO Mark Seymour, but the desire for the modern, fashionable styles has always been constant on the wholesale side. Not too long ago—even within the past decade—it would take al- most a full year for retail trends to appear in the wholesale market, Seymour says. This is because by the time the latter would take notice, the retail-inspired styles would be ill-suited for the current season. Ul- timately, a year would pass before wholesalers were able to market their newly-adapted products during the proper season. While there may have been some lag in the past, Seymour explains that the transition time now takes a fraction of what it once did. This is largely due to the advent of social media. Once a specific style, or even entire collections, begin to circulate among the individual users and businesses on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it's only a matter of time until members of the wholesale community take notice. "It moves very quickly, and a lot of times we're able to put into market a wholesale blank that will trend almost immediately on the wholesale Women's styles have become more form-fitting and flattering, with many suppli- ers including con- toured silhouettes in their shirts. (Image courtesy Kavio!) A Look at the Ever- Changing World of Retail-Inspired Apparel B Y S A N D R A S E P A N I A K Time- Honored

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