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2 0 1 5 N O V E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 31 side as it will the retail side," Seymour explains. "They move very closely in step." While social media plays an increasingly im- portant role in the elements and upcoming styles that make it to the wholesale world, there are other resources that wholesale designers keep in mind while developing their retail-inspired prod- ucts. Keeping up with these trends requires constant effort, so many designers for the wholesale market look to multiple offline channels while still finding the best ways to adapt the styles. "We look to mass-market designers and brands in the retail space to see what trends are gaining popu- larity, then we adapt the styles we believe will translate well at a wholesale level," says Victoria Thomas, mar- keting coordinator for Bella + Canvas. "We look to celebrities, our employees, and our kids to see what they are wearing. We keep our ears to the ground and listen to what our customers are asking for." Thomas also noted that her company, like many others, has a retail component in their business and will frequently see which trends are working in its retail line before deciding which ones will translate well to wholesale. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES When suppliers design and develop re- tail-inspired styles, there are other, more tech- nical aspects to consider beyond the trends you might see on department store racks and how consumers re- spond to them. Seymour notes that the methods shops use to decorate the wholesale blanks also play an import- ant factor in which retail trends make it to the suppliers' catalogs each year. Those who decide to sell retail-inspired apparel must also decide which decora- tion method is best for specif- ic styles. (Im- age courtesy Kavio!) Trends

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