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2 0 1 5 N O V E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 47 there are countless non-medical job func- tions within these practices. They include: • Valet • Security • Front desk/information navigators • Insurance coordinators • Administrators • Social workers • Business associates • Culinary services • Gift shop employees • Volunteers All of these positions are part of the orga- nization and can be a potential customer. All employees are an extension of the brand and vital to its success. As such, uniforms should reflect that each person in the or- ganization is professional, friendly, and ap- proachable. As a bonus, it makes it much easier for both patients and their family members to identify non-medical employ- ees with a simple uniform tweak. THE PITCH It can be a little nerve-racking to approach a new client or even an existing one with something that they don't expect from you. However, keep in mind that they look to you for brand solutions and you can help build their brand with a uniform for their associates. When beginning this adventure, I recom- mend you start with a smaller location like a physician or dental office. Talk with your client about how simple it would be to add a decorated sweater or vest for their front desk team to create a good first impression while building their brand. Develop a quick budget and discuss the many advantages of adding these items to their program. Most objections to uniforms is the feeling that they are out of style or that staff will hate wearing them. Debunk this myth by bring- ing in a few fashionable styles that the staff will love and even suggest that they be a part of the selection process. If they do decide to add apparel for associ- ates, you may want to work solely with one Left: Differentiate different job functions, such as insurance coordinators, from other staff with pieces unique to them. Right: You may already pro- vide branding solutions for a local hospital or medical office with pens, pencils, and T-shirts for special events. To expand the business you do with them, leverage that strong relationship you have with your client by asking them how you can provide a uniform solution for their non-medical staff.

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