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78 || P R I N T W E A R N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5 DRYERS Above: A key piece of information you will need when shop- ping for a dryer is how much space you have. Some dryers are long and skinny, others are short and wide. You have to make sure the dryer you choose will fit in the designated area. Left: All dryers have an exhaust vent that will need to have piping attached to it to vent fumes outside the building. If you have a gas dryer, there will be stricter city ordinanc- es and rules to follow when doing this. Right: One type of heating element in electric dryers is quartz. Quartz heats up faster than ceramic panels and is less expensive to replace. Above: One of the biggest trends in dryers is the greater amount of controls available. While water-base and discharge printing used to be done primarily by large shops, demand has resulted in small and medium size shops adding it. Some manufacturers have responded by offering greater controls on electric dryers over temperature, belt speed, and distance from the heating element to the sub- strate. Right: Before you start shopping for a dryer, find out what type of power you have in your building and what kind of power you can have installed if needed. Some electric dryers require single-phase and others three-phase electricity. Ordi- nances and availability vary from place to place so do your homework in advance.

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