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November/December 2015

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Page 12 of 31 13 Irrigate More Land with Center Pivots It's important for growers to make the most of cropland to get the highest possible yield. For many growers, this means irrigating land that may be difficult to reach with traditional center pivots. Valley Irrigation is expanding its Bender product line with a new anchor package that extends the reach of irrigation machines even further. Valley Bender products allow a center pivot to bend and wrap around in-field obstacles, irrigating the acres behind it. The new Bender Anchor allows growers to use Benders on longer machines, up 2,000 feet after the Bender, as well as on rough or rolling terrain, to irrigate even more acres. Visit vs. THE MOST PREDICTABLE FIGHT IN HISTORY Presents NO HOME TV A Dry Fertilizer Coating Powered by Carb nd Technology Enhanced N,P,K, and S Eciency Reduced Soil Tie-up Added Zn, Mn, Cu Coming to a Field Near You *** For More Info (208) 531-4100 or*** The Sweet Science SmackDown Sponsored by "Spar in the Spuds" Boxing Club Patent Pending 11-52-0 MAP 12-16-16-10S Blend Conventional 11-52-0 MAP Conventional 12-16-16-10S MAP Conventional Dry Fertilizer 153826LanFer12h.indd 1 9/8/15 10:02 AM Nufarm's ChampION++ Now OMRI Listed Nufarm announces that ChampION++, a fungicide/bactericide that controls key fungal and other diseases in a wide range of high-value crops such as sugarbeets, citrus, walnuts, grapes, tomatoes and peppers, is now Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Listed. The OMRI is an international, non-profit organization that determines which input products may be allowed for use in organic production and processing. ChampION++ is a new dry formulation (water dispersible granule) of copper that features consistently smaller particles and other unique formulation attributes to provide more thorough coverage—and thus better disease control—with less environmental loading. Visit Free Online Irrigation Courses Available on New Website Choosing the right irrigation solution is essential to maximizing farm revenue, but it can be difficult to find reliable ag irrigation information. Now growers can get on-demand irrigation information at the new website. Accessible 24/7 from a computer, this interactive and easy-to-use website allows growers to research and understand irrigation and irrigation products before making a purchase. It also provides a place to go after an equipment purchase for specific instructions, such as how to operate a control panel and how to use remote monitoring and control software. Creating a free account at gives users access to an online library of resources. Visit n

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