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A local newspaper has a daily section titled "Progressions" allowing companies to publicly recognize employees who have been promoted to leadership positions such as general manager. The announcement is a very nice recognition for the new leader, but the promotion, in and of itself, doesn't make the person a powerful, productive leader. The promotion does allow the new leader to exercise the roles and responsibilities of the position, but the promotion has very little to do with the leadership effectiveness of the person who received it. The power of the position and the potential of the leader are maximized only when the leader understands and leverages the three Ps: Performance, Presence and Profitability. 1. PERFORMANCE Performance is simply what you do. Like it or not, at the end of the day, or quarter, or year (or term if you are a politician), leaders are evaluated by what they get done and get done through others. Leaders are paid to get results. They are not paid for their intentions or mere activity. Intentions matter, results rule. "I meant to have a discussion with the underperforming team member but I just haven't had a chance to talk to them," says the well-meaning leader. The question is not, "Did you talk to them?," the question is, "Did the underperforming team member's behavior improve?" Intentions without actions create nothing. Action— having the talk with the under performer— that doesn't produce results is simply The 3 P s of Powerful Leadership "Profitability is the value you bring to those you lead. The bottom line number reflects profitability, but it is more than that. Is your team profitable because of you?" by DAVID WAITS 24 / NOVEMBER.DECEMBER.2015 RINKMAGAZINE.COM

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