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34 / NOVEMBER.DECEMBER.2015 RINKMAGAZINE.COM M ost ice resurfacer operators will at one time in their career experience the jamming of a vertical or horizontal auger. If you haven't, consider yourself one of the very lucky few. So what do we do when this happens? There are some simple steps to take in order to remove the object from any type of ice resurfacer auger/ elevator system. STEP 1 Shut off the ice resurfacer horizontal and vertical auger/elevator systems. STEP 2 Shut off the ice making and wash water. STEP 3 Lift the conditioner and drive the ice resurfacer off the ice into the storage area. Park the ice resurfacer, shut off the engine and remove the ignition key. STEP 4 Remove the snow pile left by the ice resurfacer so it does not freeze in place. STEP 5 Return to the ice resurfacer and remove the conditioner safety plates, then rinse the snow out of the horizontal auger with hot water and visually inspect for foreign objects. If there are any foreign objects, carefully remove them. STEP 6 Turn on the ice resurfacer engine, then turn on the horizontal auger to see if it is spinning properly again. STEP 7 Lift the snow tank and put the safety bar/s in place, then shut off the ice resurfacer engine and pull the ignition key. STEP 8 Rinse the snow out of the vertical auger with hot water at the upper opening to the vertical auger/elevator tube. STEP 9 Turn on the engine, lower the snow tank, then turn on the vertical auger/elevator to hear if it is spinning properly. If it is spinning properly, you can now drive the ice resurfacer back on the ice and finish the resurface. If not, proceed to the next step. STEP 10 If the vertical auger/elevator isn't spinning, you can then try to reverse the auger/elevator system to dislodge the foreign object using the ice resurfacer manufacturer recommended procedure. *Warning: Reversing the auger/elevator system improperly can damage the auger hydraulic drive motors. STEP 11 If reversing the vertical auger/elevator doesn't dislodge the object, then shut off the ice resurfacer engine, remove the key and try to move the auger manually with a pipe or pry bar against the upper paddle through the tube opening. *Be careful not to bend the paddle, and also be How to remove objects stuck inside an ice resurfacer auger/elevator system PHOTOS: COURTESY OF STAR Ice Resurfacer Auger Jams HOW To Removing an object from ice resurfacer by DAVE WESCOTT, CPE, CIT , Engo – Vertical & Horizontal Auger Controls , Olympia – Elevator System Controls , Zamboni – Vertical & Horizontal Auger Controls

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