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As with any investment in life, some pay off and some do not. Mulhall and Extreme Ice Center came away the clear-cut winners with this one. He receives reports similar to home energy bills, comparing this year's energy usage to that of the same period last year. "If you're only talking about a couple thousand dollars, there's no question we've saved well over that," Mulhall says. Ultimately, Mulhall is dedicated to operating a well-run, cost-efficient rink. Instead of being blindsided by an astounding energy bill, he knows exactly what is going on around the facility, which gives him peace of mind. "It helps me to maintain the system and keep it performing at its highest level of efficiency, within reason," Mulhall says. J These facilities benefit from ARID-Ice desiccant dehumidification for full capacity enhanced humidity control while maintaining automatic indoor air quality. ARID-Ice units are equipped with: • Turbo Vapor Boost ™ reactivation energy control circuitry providing extreme capacity in humid conditions. • State-of-the-art enhanced silica gel desiccant wheel with long lasting seals. • Highly efficient reactivation circuits that deliver dry air on demand maximizing the capability of the ice plant and maintaining a dry building. ARID-Ice by Controlled Dehumidification IMS has provided humidity and indoor air quality control equipment to the Pittsburgh Penguins, New Jersey Devils, Jacksonville Barracudas, Florida Panthers, Houston Aero's, University of Notre Dame and Penn State University to name a few. Over 400 NHL,Triple A, Double A, Collegiate, Recreational Ice Rinks and Curling Clubs Across North America are Fog, Condensation, Mold and Drip Free. Why? They have ARID-Ice ™ . Contact our application specialists to learn how your arena can benefit from ARID-Ice technology. Call 810-229-7900 today. cdims.com Rink_Rink 12/3/13 10:42 AM Page 1 STARRINKS.COM NOVEMBER.DECEMBER.2015 / 37 , The energy management system at Extreme Ice Center is a real money saver.

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