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ASK STAR You have rink questions, STAR has rink answers Send your rink questions to: INFO@STARRINKS.COM 46 / NOVEMBER.DECEMBER.2015 RINKMAGAZINE.COM I AM GETTING AN EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF WATER AT THE ICE RESURFACER GATE. WHEN I LIFT MY CON- DITIONER OFF THE ICE, THE WATER RUNS OUT FROM THE BACK AND BOTH SIDES, CREATING A MESS. AM I DOING SOMETHING WRONG? Controlling the water at the end of your ice resurfacer requires a bit of trial and error to get it just right for your facility and each ice resurfacer. Ultimately, you want to make sure you are providing the best skating surface for your user groups. There are actually a few things that you can do to help with water control. Per manufacturer recommendations, be sure you are using hot water in your main water tank and cold water in your wash water tank. Also be sure that both tanks are full prior to the ice make. Upon the start of your ice resurfacer, get the IR up to the correct RPM and lower the conditioner. Engage the vertical and horizontal augers and open both water valves (main and wash water). Allow the wash water to accumulate inside of the conditioner for 15 seconds (blue line to blue line). Turn on your wash water pump and visually verify that the pump is removing the wash water from the ice and returning it to the wash water tank. If you don't see any return from the wash water system, you will need to troubleshoot your wash water system (pipe blockage, hose adjustment, impeller, etc.). If you are not getting a return you have sourced a major contributor to your excess water issue. In this case, complete the resurfacing process with the wash water valve and pump off. Repair the wash water system as soon as possible as the wash water component to ice resurfacing is critical for quality ice. Once the system is fully operational you will definitely notice a difference in water left at the IR gates upon completion. If you have wash water return, then all systems are normal and you should continue the resurfacing pattern. On your last pass, as you are heading to the IR gates, begin shutting the wash water valve off. By the time you get near blue line, have the wash water valve closed completely but leave the wash water pump running. At this time, begin dialing back the main water valve and shut it off completely around the hash marks closest to the IR gate. Bring the IR to the IR gates and come to a complete stop, with the front tires off of the ice surface. Shut off both the vertical and horizontal augers and shut off the wash water pump. Lift the conditioner to the full up position and reduce your operating RPM's and slowly proceed to the IR storage room to complete the ice make. Take note of the amount of water left at the IR gates and adjust the timing as needed until a manageable amount of water is left at the IR gates. A: Q: ULTIMATELY, YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE PROVIDING THE BEST SKATING SURFACE FOR YOUR USER GROUPS. , If you have a wash water return, then all systems are normal and you can continue the resurfacing pattern. PHOTOS: COURTESY OF STAR

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