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16 TECHNOLOGY I Issue 37 / MARCH 2012 ssue 37 / MAR-APR 2012 REVIEW:PIONEER DJM-850 This month, Pioneer has delivered the latest in a long-line of industry-standard mixers, the DJM-850. This 4-channel mixer is equipped with a 24bit/96kHz integrated high performance USB soundcard and USB ports that allow for simple and convenient connectivity with DJ software like Serato Scratch and Traktor Skratch. A crucial feature for the increasingly digital industry of DJing. Alongside the standard Pioneer effects, there are the additional Beat Color and Sound Color FX that afford even greater control over the manipulation of the texture of the sound. It also comes in either black or silver. Of course, the DJM-850 has all the standard high-quality sound components of pretty much every other mixer in the series, but many people have already voiced their irritation at Pioneer for this version in particular. The differences between this and the DJM-900, which was released a mere twelve months ago, are – in all honesty – absolutely minor, resulting in claims that Pioneer are simply flooding the market. There's no doubt it's an impressive mixer with up-to- the-minute features for the most tech-crazy of DJs, but it certainly seems to be an unnecessary addition to an already substantial Pioneer mixer collection. IMDb For all you film buffs out there, the IMDb app allows you to carry all the relevant trivia, release information, film show times and trailers in the palm of your hand. You can even watch trailers for upcoming or just-released films, should you tire of reading. Camera+ (£1.99) Who needs a high quality SLR camera when you've got Camera+ for the iPhone? This innovative app provides a range of photo shooting tools from image stabilization to timers for self-portraits to long shutter options and vari- ous editing tools such as crop, colour tints, borders and retro effects. Mixology If you're into your drink then you'll definitely be into Mixol- ogy. This app is your advice to drinking. From giving you tips on how to mix your alcohol to make interesting new cocktails to searching for your nearest local liquor store or bar, this app provides an A to Z guide on drinking. GET YOUR GAME ON! We found the best games on the most popular consoles that are guaranteed to get you off the sofa! STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC (PC) BioWare's massively anticipat- ed online multiplayer RPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, has finally been released on the Microsoft Windows platform. Hundreds of hours of content, excellent music, voice acting and story lines reminiscent of the classic franchise, this game is bound to have some serious staying power. FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 (X- BOX / PS3) Square Enix are back with Final Fantasy XIII-2. Unlike its predecessor, this game has attracted rave reviews, restor- ing excitement in the franchise with its revitalised energy. Released on Xbox and PS3 in late 2011, this game rectifies the faults of XIII with fantastic settings, altered story lines and great presentation. FIFA STREET (XBOX / PS3) EA are set to release FIFA Street this March on Xbox and PS3. Developed by the team behind FIFA 12, and based on the same engine, FIFA Street boasts international locations from Amsterdam to Rio De Janeiro, with gameplay reflect- ing the style of football played in each country. APPS OF THE MONTH

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