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drivers in the world. Off-road racing isn't like NASCAR, Rally or INDY Car. It has far more complexities as it relates to driving than any other form of racing. We never see the same corner twice or the same jump twice and we are constantly unsure of what's ahead. This form of motorsport is far more exciting than any other form of motorsport on the planet." With a huge fan-base following and cheering for Baldwin in every off-road competition he enters, Baldwin has learned that social media, videos, and sponsorship promotions are key for modern racers to be successful. "It's hard enough to increase your popularity in a sport that is not nearly as visible as other forms of motorsports. Several years ago, my social media following had become much greater than that of the entire off-road racing community," said Baldwin. "The guy that is picking up his kids in a minivan is not as close to being my customer as some of the younger and trendier people. Through my social media platforms, I have the largest communication outlet, which is much larger than all of my fellow competitors combined. With that comes a certain level of responsibility and to a certain extent, when I speak, I speak for the entire off-road community." Having such a large following can also have its drawbacks and responsibilities. Baldwin has also learned that navigating through this "terrain" is just as important as learning every turn and obstacle on the race course. "There are certain times when I want to use that platform to cut through the BS and say something that needs to be said," says Baldwin. "But I don't have the luxury of being able to say anything I want to say anymore. I have to constantly be aware of how my words might be interpreted by a very MAKING AN APPEARANCE DURING THE 2014 OFF-ROAD EXPO SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS FOR SCORE FANS. 054 SCORE JOURNAL

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