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IMPROVING THE SAFETY FACTOR W Watching, or even participating at a SCORE International race in Mexico is an exciting time to enjoy and become surrounded in the landscape and the excitement of the event. Crossing the border into Mexico isn't difficult, but newcomers into the country don't always consider the possibility of unexpected events that are handled much differently in another country. This is why insurance brokers such as Instant Mexico Auto Insurance have been a strategic partner with SCORE International Off-Road Racing series for decades. In an effort to understand what, and how insurance works in Mexico, SCORE Journal spoke with Hal Andreoli, president of Instant Mexico Auto Insurance (IMAI), as well as two of his key associates, about what Mexico auto insurance can, and cannot, do for you and your race team. Over the years, veteran off-road racing families, race teams, and travelers know it is best not cross the border as U.S. citizen driving a U.S. registered vehicle without specifically arranging for Mexico auto insurance to cover all of their vehicles and drivers. But as more newcomers to SCORE off-road racing make their way into Baja, experienced travelers agree that this is perhaps the single highest priority you need to educate yourself about. Understanding The Need For Auto Insurance In Mexico SAFE JOURNEYS BY RICK SHANDLEY PHOTOS BY GETSOMEPHOTO 066 SCORE JOURNAL

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