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T he Off-Road Motorsports Hall Of Fame annually inducts individuals who have contributed to off- road motorsports in a positive manner. In 2015, two SCORE racing veterans, Jerry Penhall, and Curt LeDuc were inducted into this category and carry with them a long history that has also impacted the SCORE desert racing community. We had an opportunity to speak with both men about their accomplishments and their long careers. OFF-ROAD'S FINEST SCORE RACING VETERANS JERRY PENHALL AND CURT LEDUC ARE INDUCTED INTO THE OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS HALL OF FAME BY DAN SANCHEZ PHOTOS PROVIDED BY PENHALL FABRICATION JERRY PENHALL: RACING VETERAN AND FABRICATOR With more than 36 years of experience, it's safe to say that Jerry Penhall has some of the best insight into off-road racing, stemming from his expertise as a vehicle builder and as a racing veteran. Because of this, Penhall is one of the few people who understand all aspects of desert racing, from knowing how long your vehicle will last, to recommending how hard you can drive it. So it's no doubt that Penhall is well respected, especially in the SCORE racing community where he has given, and achieved so much over his career. As one of the latest inductees into Off-Road Motorsports Hall Of Fame, Penhall, and his wife Cari were happy to see that the accomplishments he has made have been recognized. "This is definitely a big deal," said Penhall. "It's good to be recognized, yet it's also pretty humbling to be on that list with those guys who are already on it." But just like many of the other inductees in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall Of Fame, Penhall began his racing career with a visit to Baja. "My dad flew us down to Cabo and we'd go fishing there. Later I began to see the racing that was taking place, and we went back to help with some of the checkpoints," said Penhall. "This was back in the early '70's. When I saw guys like Ivan Stewart and others go flying by, I was hooked. While I worked with my brother on speedway racing bikes, we later bought a swing- axle stock VW Hi-Jumper. I rebuilt the thing and raced it a couple of times in Class 2." JERRY PENHALL 2015 2015 ORMHF Inductees SHANNON CAMPBELL CHRIS COLLARD MICHAEL GAUGHAN CURT LEDUC JERRY PENHALL 08 SCORE JOURNAL

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