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BEST PRACTICE 32 the Groundsman December 2015 ip 1 I believe the NSTS (National Sprayer Testing Scheme) scheme will provide a valuable benchmark for a sprayer's safety and performance. A NSTS test on our previous sprayer highlighted potential shortfalls and was the pre-cursor for changing to a new sprayer, which will be professionally serviced annually to fully comply with test requirements. Tip 2 Nozzle selection is key to accurate spraying, with triple-nozzle bayonets making it quick and easy to switch for different treatments. I aim to select the appropriate nozzle to apply the required water volume at an operating pressure of 2 to 2.5 bar when spraying at 8km/ hour on the flat sports pitches, which will give the optimum droplet spectrum and minimise drift. Furthermore, air induction nozzles, such as the Syngenta XC Turf Nozzle, have significantly reduced drift and provide more spray window opportunities, compared to a flat fan nozzle. Tip 3 A clean water tank on the side of the T Top tips for spraying James Wright of the University of Leeds Estate Services was the UK's top operator using a tractor-mounted sprayer, in the Amenity Sprayer Operator of the Year Awards, and he offers his top tips and experiences for accurate application and safe spraying practice By: James Wright sprayer means operators can wash off gloves if they have handled nozzles during spraying. The secure storage locker can hold clean protective equipment, a spill kit and a selection of spares that may be required. Tip 4 A purpose-built walk-in chemical safe room ensures products are securely stored. Good shelving keeps separate products clear and tidy for easy access and ensures effective stock management. The store has a built-in bunded non-slip floor, so any leakage will be safely contained with no risk of contamination. I measure out chemicals in the store, to avoid risk of spillage. The chemical store is clearly marked on the outside of the building, to alert emergency services in the event of a fire. Tip 5 A spill kit is kept clearly labeled in the store. All the team have been briefed on what to do in the event of a spillage, to The University of Leeds provides sports surfaces for more than 30,000 students Awards share skills and expertise The awards, sponsored by Syngenta and ICL (formerly Everris), saw Andrew Kerr of the West Malling Golf Club in Kent, named the overall winner of the Sports and Amenity Turf Sprayer Operator of the Year. He uses a Toro- mounted sprayer for applications across the club's two 18-hole courses. Commenting on the awards, Amenity Forum chairman Professor John Moverley said: "The awards judged all aspects of amenity spraying, to identify the UK's very best operators and to share their skills and expertise. It has been evident that all the entrants have consistently shown outstanding skills and work to very high standards, to achieve the best possible results. Along with all the selected finalists, Andrew and James have proved worthy winners by demonstrating that best practice can deliver efficient, cost-effective and accurate amenity spraying."

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