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48 | JANUARY + FEBRUARY 2016 David Nicholas is not amused by most of the beauty business, and he's not ashamed to say so. "Listen, I've loved makeup since I was a teenager," explains the renowned makeup artist, his voice lowering to almost a whisper. "But somewhere long ago, probably in my twenties, I realized how trend-driven the industry is. Obviously the point of those trends is to sell products and make money. I'm not about that." What he will happily admit to, though, is being a wholehearted advocate of beauty itself. And, more specifically, of highly personal beau- ty. Now, after having established himself in Boston for more than 35 years as one of the region's most in-the-spotlight beauty creatives— his makeup brushes have touched everyone from celebs such as Ellen Pompeo, Tom Selleck, and Sarah Jessica Parker to most of Boston's lo- cal luminaries—he's now settled on the North Shore. He has moved his business, DNI Pros, to a gorgeous, luminescent studio at 18 Park Street in Andover. "When I first came to town, I was a little nervous," he says cheekily, but clearly in earnest. "Both my hus- band, David Glenn, and I thought… 'Is this going to be Normalville?'" That knee-jerk fear was immediately allayed, he says. "Since we've moved in, we've been thrilled. Our clients have been all classes, all races, all genders. I was so happy to realize that as traditional as the area is, it can also be a little bohemian." That mix of new local clients joins a similarly diverse clientele from Boston and New York that BY ALEXANDRA HALL Makeup guru David Nicholas offers his sage advice on looking your best. Picture Perfect IN THIS ISSUE Makeup artist David Nicholas Page 48 photographs by Sarah Jordan McCaffery David Nicholas has created his own line of cosmetics.

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