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MCMILLIN AND MACCACHREN PUSHED THEIR UNLIMITED TROPHY TRUCK HARD AND WERE IN PERFECT POSITION TO TAKE THE OVERALL AND CLASS WIN. 011 SCORE JOURNAL O ff-road racers will tell you that the SCORE Baja 1000 is the most grueling, yet the most rewarding race that they've ever experienced. For those who take on the challenge and come out on top, it's the win of a lifetime. But taking the checkered flag at the SCORE Baja 1000 takes more than just a fast vehicle. For experienced drivers such as Rob MacCachren and Andy McMillin, the preparation, logistics, and knowing when to push hard or drive conservatively, allowed these two veterans to pilot the number 11 Rockstar Energy Ford F-150 to another SCORE Baja 1000 victory. Unlimited Trophy Trucks Fought For Track Position This is the second time in a row that MacCachren and McMillin teamed up togeth- er to win the SCORE Baja 1000, after winning the race in 2014. Although they won the Unlimited Trophy Truck Class and were the first over- all four-wheel vehicle to finish, winning was not easy for these two veterans, who had to out drive 31 other Unlimited Trophy Trucks in the race. "We started off running a good conservative pace," said MacCachren. "It was pre-run speed, but it helped us with gas mileage. So we were going to stretch our first pit to 200 miles." MacCachren drove the first 470 miles and got a flat, which pushed him back two spots on the course. But luck didn't change for the Rockstar Energy team just yet. "We worked our way back up to Apdaly Lopez's dust and we had to pull into our pit, which allowed Cameron Steele to get by," said MacCachren. "When the sun was getting ready to set, the wind stopped, and the dust kept hanging. We struggled with that for about 150 miles." When Andy McMillin got into the truck, the team had a bit of catching up to do. "In the last 200 miles I knew we had to pass Apdaly to win, and put

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