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A ncient legends and myths tell of a fearsome creature lurking in the seas off the coast Northern Europe known as The Kraken. The Kraken is said to have attacked ships by capsizing the hulls and killing the crew. Just as the Kraken dominated the seas, Rob MacCachren, or Rob McCraken as some fans call him, is a beast that dominates off road racing. MacCachren has been racing off road for 33 years and has won virtually every major off road brace in North America. His most recent win at the SCORE Baja 1000 brings his tally of off road racing wins to 285. 238 of those wins were on BF Goodrich tires. While MacCachren is a modest, down to earth guy, always willing to sign an autograph and pose for a picture, he is a living legend in off road racing. We sat down with Rob after his Back to Back wins at the Baja 1000. SCORE Journal: What was your first race and racecar? Rob MacCachren: I started racing motorcycles at 8 but I quit when I was 10 and played tradition sports - baseball, basketball and the others until I was 16. My dad raced buggies in the 70s and through his construction business he ended up buying Off Road Buggy Supply to compliment his nearby VW repair shop. I learned later that my Crew Chief, Jim Blackmore, worked in the buggy store before my STORY BY: MATT KARTOZIAN Release the KRAKEN! MATT KARTOZIAN 024 SCORE JOURNAL

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