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I n the post race TV interviews, the media often rushes to get to the drivers for an opinion about the race. But experienced Trophy Truck drivers rarely speak about themselves, and are often heard saying, "We did this," or "This happened to us." There's no doubt in every SCORE's Unlimited Trophy Truck race driver's mind that a top team consists of more than just a good driver. While many are inspiring and truly talented, we can't forget the unsung heroes who are often the navigator, the coach, the crew chief, the inspiration, and sometimes the best friend who ride shotgun at break neck speeds across the desert. Steve Covey is one of those individuals who is multi- talented and rides alongside 2014 SCORE Desert Racing Champion Steven Eugenio. We sat down with Covey and talked about his background, his views on racing, his responsibilities to team Galindo Motorsports, and why he likes riding shotgun with Steven Eugenio. SJ STEVE COVEY SJ: What made you decide to be a mechanic? Covey: I decided to be a mechanic when I first saw Damon Jeffries Trophy Truck. I was really excited about something that had that much horsepower, that much travel, and it was pretty innovative at the time. I really got sucked in from there. I come from motorcycle background so the transition from motorcycles to off-road was kind of natural. That's really what sparked the interest. My family always had 1600 cars or limited cars, and I was around that when I was young. So I was always in the background of my grandfather working on cars, and it was really kind of a family thing at the beginning; I just had a passion for it. SJ: We remember Damon Jeffries' truck that you're talking about. It was a big deal at the time. Covey: That's pretty much what hooked me, seeing trucks like that in person or Herbst and Riviera. There's a lot of history in off-road, and it think that those trucks sparked a lot of people's interest in it. SJ: How specifically did you end up being a mechanic in the off road industry? Covey: I couldn't afford my own Trophy Truck (laughing). So I figured I'd better start working on one. Then I'd actually be able to ride in one and race. Part of it's just a passion for racing, and it snowballed into mechanics. I've been really fortunate to work with some of the best people in the industry, and I've learned a lot, which has helped me be successful. SJ: Who was your biggest inspiration or influence? Covey: My grandfather, Robert Duff, because he kind of took me under his wing when I was young. I was always in his garage watching him work on his cars or his race cars. He's the one who gave the passion for racing and just cars in general, and pretty much anything involved with racing or what he was into. We were constantly going to races, and car shows and things like that. SJ: What do you enjoy most about what you do? Covey: Race day and the intensity of race day. At this point, we're one of the top teams and being able to compete against guys that I would go to the race and watch like Robbie Gordon, Tavo and all of these guys who are super competitive andhave been around for a long time. I grew up watching a lot of them, and to be able to go the start line and race against those people is pretty awesome. 043 SCORE JOURNAL

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