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SJ: You're a family man too. How does your wife feel about what you do? Covey: My wife thinks that we have three kids: our daughter Chloe, my son Cash, and my son Zeus the Trophy Truck . She understands my passion for what I do and accepts the long hours. And really, I couldn't be as successful without her behind me because she takes care of the household when I'm working long hours or when I'm out of town at races or anything involved with this. She's always been behind me. Without her support, there's no way I could be as successful as I have been. SJ: What do you see yourself doing in the future? Is this something you plan on continuing for the long haul? Covey: I'm pretty fortunate to have been associated with some very successful teams. To come to a small team like Galindo Motorsports and kind of an unknown driver at the time in this class with Steven, was great. I helped him be successful, win races, and give him a competitive vehicle. I mean, we're constantly trying to innovate and make our truck faster and more competitive. So I take a lot of pride in the fact that we've been able to do something special and win a championship in our first full season. I really look forward to making the truck faster, the team better, and winning more 044 SCORE JOURNAL

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