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02 Quality manufacturing 03 The cab 04 Threshing and separation 05 Straw quality 06 Your engine and support 08 Specifications 02 Harvesting Centre of Excellence for Massey Ferguson, Home of precision engineering and manufacture. This is where each machine comes to life, where every tiny piece comes together to produce machines of incredible capabilities. The Breganze combine factory lies within the beautiful province of Vicenza in Italy. Like the various Massey Ferguson production plants around the world, the Breganze factory has an extensive and proud agricultural manufacturing history. The Breganze factory manufactures mid-range, hybrid and 8-walker combine harvesters for Massey Ferguson, for distribution in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This modern facility covers 25 hectares and employs over 600 people. Produced using the latest technology, combine harvesters at the Breganze plant are built to the highest specification and quality by a very dedicated team. Today Breganze produces combines with a range of threshing technologies. All combines are complemented by a range of FreeFlow or PowerFlow headers, available in different sizes, that are designed to maximise harvesting speed and efficiency while minimising crop loss. Unchallenged versatility The MF ACTIVA 7340 combine harvester is built to the highest standards. A flexible and dependable machine, it is gentle on both grain and straw. Coupled with an extremely efficient 4 cylinder engine that will minimise harvesting costs to its owner. A specifically designed cab offers operators a quiet, comfortable environment, with ergonomically positioned controls and panoramic visibility. Breganze, Italy MF ACTIVA 7340 Contents MF ACTIVA 7340 176 Hp 5 Walker 5200 litre grain tank Header size 4-6 metres

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