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ILA-USMX Joint Safety Committee 2015 OSH Circulars 01 thru 12

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ILA - USMX Joint Saf ety Committee Working Together For The Benefit Of All ILA - USMX OSH Circulars are devised to reflect the best possible information and guidance, and are products of diligent research and the most up to date subject matter knowledge . Consequently, while the information contained herein is believed to be accurate, owing to a host of factors ILA - USMX can convey no direct or implied warranty relative to the reliance of parties upon content. OSH Circular 2015 - 01 (23 January 2015 ) Spotting Industry Accident Trends and Alerting You About Them At man y container terminals of late , there have been very high populations of empty boxes waiting for their next disposi tion . It happens… They're often stacked high, wide and tight, and that circumstance brings with it safety issues worth mentioning. The photograph above was taken this morning (23 January 2015 ) at an Atlantic Coast terminal and shows an over the road tractor that was crushed by a couple of empty containers that were knocked out of stack by (we are made to understand) an unladen empty handler with its lifting attachment u nnecessarily extended . We are told that t he motor vehicle operator was not seriously injured, but fully appreciate that outcome easily could have been much different. The ILA~USMX Joint Safety Committee urges terminal operators and terminal workers to do all that is possible in keeping container s tacks well managed, safe and fully accessible to the types and numbers of container handling equipment assets that are actively working them. Take the ti me you need to do it right. E quipment operators: Plea s e k eep your container handling attachments contracted when travelling without a box .

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