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s GREEN INSIDE 4 TAKE ACTION: DEMAND LABELS ON GM FOODS REAL GREEN LIVING 6 GREEN SPRING CLEANING WITH ED BEGLEY, JR. REAL GREEN INVESTING 8 USE YOUR SHAREHOLDER POWER FOR GOOD 10 VICTORY! HERSHEY TAKES A STEP FOR WORKERS "FrankenFood" 4 ECO ACTIONS 10 ACROSS GREEN AMERICA 12 GREEN BUSINESS NEWS 24 LETTERS & ADVICE How genetically modified (GM) foods are taking over our food industry and wreaking havoc on our bodies, family farmers, and the planet. Page 13 APRIL/MAY 2012 ISSUE 88 AMERICAN PLUS! GROCERY TIPS How to Get GMOs Off Your Plate p.20 LIVE BETTER. SAVE MORE. INVEST WISELY. MAKE A DIFFERENCE. y 30 v 2 3 1 0 t 2 h 8 a n 1 n i r e a r 9 - 2 0

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