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Education Pg 6-7 Health Pg 8-9 Social Housing Pg 10-11 Urban Regeneration Pg 12 HOUSING COMMISSION LAUNCHED TO INVESTIGATE NEW ROUTES TO HOUSEBUILDING December 2015 ■ News ■ Education ■ Health ■ Social Housing ■ Urban Regeneration Public Sector READER ENQUIRY 1 The Loc al Gov ernm ent Association has launched a Housing Commission to explore new routes to housebuilding so councils can enable the building of more desperately-needed homes. Councils built nine times more homes between 2010 and 2015 than between 2000 and 2005 and are desperate to dramatically increase the availability of new homes in their local areas. The LGA said this is vital to building the 230,000 new homes the country needs each year as private developers have not built more than 150,000 homes a year for more than three decades. The Housing Commission will also explore the importance of effective housing in boosting jobs and growth, helping meeting needs of an ageing population, saving social care and the NHS money, and helping people into work. It will focus on four themes: housebuilding; place making, community and infrastructure; employment, welfare reform and social mobility; and health and quality of life for an ageing population. The Commission will take a m e d i u m - t e r m v i e w incorporating current housing reforms but will look beyond them in making the case for councils to be able to deliver the homes our communities and places need. Findings will be brought together in a report in Spring 2016 and presented at the LGA Annual Conference in June 2016. Cllr Peter Box, LGA Housing Spokesman, said: "Councils must be able to play a lead role in building the homes we desperately need, and building the homes in a way that create prosperous places and growth, help people into work and positively adapt to an ageing population. This is the best way to meet local and central government ambitions for our communities, to reduce waiting lists and housing benefi t, keep rents low and help more people live long and happy lives." The briefi ng paper Homes and Ageing in England, prepared by BRE on behalf of Public Health England, builds on the earlier BRE publication 'The cost of poor housing to the NHS'. Using data collected by the English Housing Survey, and the methodology from the earlier report, the findings show that there are over a SIMPLE CHANGES TO HOMES COULD SAVE NHS OVER £600M A YEAR million homes occupied by those over 55 where there is a signifi cant risk to health (for example excess cold or of injury from falling on poorly designed steps, both inside and outside the home). Treating these avoidable illnesses and injuries costs the NHS over £600m a year. The paper provides costings and case studies for a range of One of the UK's largest gas distributors has specified prison-style double skin steel mesh and special fence toppings to secure its gas distribution network across the north of England. They have turned to the Zaun group and its HiSec DualSkin and Flexible Steel Topping (FST) products. The distributor delivers gas to 2.7 million homes and GAS NETWORK TURNS TO PRISON STYLE SECURITY businesses and around 6.7 million individuals in the North East, Northern Cumbria and much of Yorkshire through a vast network of 37,000km of gas pipes. The tiny apertures eliminate foot and fi nger holds for people trying to climb or gain access to the site, prevent objects being passed through and are highly resistant against the use of hand or power cutting tools. building specifi cation remedial works, and calculates pay-back periods for them. Co-author of Homes and Ageing in England, Helen Garrett says: "We hope that this paper will be of interest to professionals and academia working in the fi eld of housing and/or health, including Health and Wellbeing Boards, housing providers and agencies supporting the care of the elderly, as well as national policy makers." Levato Mono Porcelain paver system; designed for fast cost effective installation over most surfaces; including single ply membranes, roofi ng felt and other delicate waterproofi ng systems. • 20mm porcelain pavers – larger formats • 'Floating fl oor' – installation over single ply membranes. • Height adjustable/slope correcting supports • Highly abrasion and stain resistant, Fire & frost proof. • Highly slip resistant; R11 • Lightweight – 45kgs per m 2 . • Non porous. • High load bearing and impact resistance. • Timber & stone effects; 40+ fi nishes available. • Ideal for balconies, roof terraces and piazzas, for both commercial and residential use. t. 0845 2700 696 e. w.

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