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2 0 1 6 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R || 25 and it may bring in a new customer that turns into a great long-term relationship. If any products are leftover from this clearance sale, the goods can be donated to charity. This way, not only can you write the items off for taxes, but you can do some good for your local community at the same time. Update your samples. If the items you show as samples of your work are tired or out of style, it is high time you replaced them. You need products that look great and are in step with the times to showcase your business to potential customers. Move your old samples along, and spruce up your mix to put your best foot forward this year. Embroider and wear them. If you are not wearing your logo at work, take some of your inventory and put your logo or some showy designs on them to wear yourself. If you have a retail location and staff that interacts with customers, trick them out in some new stuff as well. After all, if you can- not make yourselves look great, how much confidence will the customer have in your ability to make them look great? Use them when you get requests for donations throughout the year. Set aside some of the inventory to use whenever you are approached for a donation. You can decorate it at the time of the request with something that will make sense for that program. Ultimately, having excess inventory is an expensive proposition. Learning to balance the needs of your customers and your com- munity with your investment and available space is a process that takes time and prac- tice. There are great wholesale suppliers lo- cated within one day shipping of nearly all of the country so there is essentially no need to keep excess product on hand. That being said, there are cases that you do need good in your shop. But, managing your inven- tory spending is one simple way to increase your profits and you have complete control over the process.

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