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2 0 1 6 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R || 37 cation. Because of the texture that is on the glitter transfer, you won't be able to com- bine them with the glitter layer on the bottom. Apply the full-color transfer for just a few seconds. Most full-color transfers require 15–20 seconds of application time. When building this super transfer, you'll want to only apply it long enough to release the heat- sensitive carrier that is protecting your full-color transfer; roughly 3–5 seconds. This shortened application time accomplishes a dual purpose. First, you will maintain the in- tegrity of the full-color transfer by not over-applying it once you layer the glitter transfer on top. Second, you will reduce the amount of shrinkage that will occur in the garment as the moisture escapes from heat application, which makes the placement of your glitter transfer more accurate. Once the full-color transfer is applied, remove the protective carrier sheet and place your glitter transfer in the appropriate design space. You'll also need to use a cover sheet for this part of the application so your heat press doesn't make direct contact with the full-color transfer. Apply the glitter transfer for the full recommended time. Remove your cover sheet and the carrier on your glitter transfer and you're done. You've created a super transfer for a super look that is starting to trend in the retail market. PATTERNS AND GLITTER Another fun and often unexpected look combines trendy patterns and glitter. At about the same time glitter took off, so did the idea of patterns. If you've paid any attention to the world of crafting or home décor, you've noticed pattern after pattern appearing in the mainstream market. From chevron to quatrefoil, houndstooth to Aztec and damask to plaid, you can't go wrong with a patterned heat transfer. To create this type of super transfer, we can follow the steps outlined above for the full- color and glitter transfer, but what fun would that be? So, how else can we combine a pattern heat transfer with a glitter heat transfer to create a hot-selling super transfer? Let's look to sublimation. Sublimation heat transfers are designed for application onto white and light polyester fabrics and polymer coated items. That's great news for us because the glitter heat transfer materials are made from a polyester base. We can put a sublimation transfer directly onto our glitter transfer for a full-color glitter look. Here's how it works. Cut your glitter transfer out of a white glitterflake material on your vinyl cutter or order transfers from your heat transfer vinyl supplier. Print your pattern on a sublimation printer or provide the pattern graphic to your transfer supplier to print them for you. Apply the glitter heat transfer to your garment for a few seconds. Again, in this step, just place the glitter and remove the heat-sensitive protective carrier sheet. Once removed, position the sublimation pattern transfer on top of the glitter transfer. Cover the entire super transfer with a disposable cover sheet. This will protect the heat press platen from a transfer of the sublimation ink. Apply for the full-sublimation application instructions and remove the cover sheet and sublimation transfer paper. A helpful hint when using this super transfer method is to apply it to a dark cotton item. The excess pattern from the sublimation transfer won't show up on the dark cotton garment, so minimal trimming and registration will be required. Will these super transfers turn out to be more profitable and longer lasting than the solo transfers that make them? I guess only time and the apparel market will tell. But there's no better time to jump on the super transfer bandwagon. Get in on these trends while they're featured on retail shelves. DISPLAY ADVERTISING The Marketplace TO ADVERTISE CONTACT DIANE GILBERT AT 800-669-0424, EXT. 297 DGILBERT@NBM.COM

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