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74 || P R I N T W E A R F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 yourself, pay an artist to do so, or simply choose from a collection. If the collection is of quality, it's easy to customize, and you're confident the client will approve, why not go that route? Even professional graphic de- signers take hours to draw the simplest of images, or days to draw complex graphics. Templates let you emulate their efforts. Now, apply the same logic to an en- tire logo or graphic layout. A template is a professionally designed starting point, created for easy adjustments and custom- ization. Artists spend a great deal of time determining a specific style while editing minute details to ensure brand consistency. Offer this level of quality and impress cli- ents with templates that take little to no additional effort to manipulate for your specific need. I highly recommend using templates as professional starting points for even the most mundane event. Take that boring old mascot and drop it into a new styled template layout. Start with a "cool" template and customize it for your client's event. Customers want something new and exciting. Even if they'd never change their logo, templates make it easy to offer more in a very efficient way. Templating systems that simplify the de- velopment of graphics and logos gives an advantage to those who use them. Corner- cutting software is a valuable resource for in- tegrating clipart, logos, and templates while ensuring production quality and graphic synergy. Actionable software specifically developed to streamline your operation can greatly improve workflow and decrease art headaches. The right system will make the steps simple enough that anyone can create quality graphics quickly and easily. BITMAPS A digital image compiled of many indi- vidual squares or bits, each of a specific color to form a graphic, is what we see as CLIPART OPTIONS Using a template, you can swap out a standard or boring mascot design and replace it with something much more interesting.

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