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2 0 1 6 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R || 75 a bitmap. Think of the megapixels in your camera, or the resolution of your television. If you looked closely enough, you would see squares upon squares. For most of our ap- plications, we need a solid-colored area to determine shape and dimension, which is why we so often need to take those blurry bitmaps and convert them to vector line art. Any digital print process, such as direct- to-print, or wide-format printing can more easily apply a digital image, but still may result in limitations. Converting a digital image to lines or tracing, is a necessary process to learn. CorelDRAW (PowerTrace) and Adobe Illustrator both contain useful tracing functions. I recommend at least familiar- izing yourself with this process, no matter your position or art expertise in an imprint company. It is important for your under- standing, and when relaying info to your clients. Check with your software provider for training videos, tutorials, and classes. YouTube is also an excellent resource for an abundance of instructional videos. It is important for you to know that there are more variances in type, style, for- mat, color, and extension in bitmaps than any other form of media. Just look at the import and output options in any design software to note a few dozen options, not to mention subsets. LEGALITY With the purchase of a clipart package, it's important to note that your use of spe- cific images is not unlimited. Licensing of graphics that you have purchased or found usually has bounds. Some companies al- low you to purchase entire volumes of graphics with certain pre-designated pa- rameters. Most allow specific use for one or more customers, but not online post- ing of images, or even variations of images. Most websites you can download graphics Many clipart programs have limitations to how many times a design can be used or how the finished design can be shared.

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