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76 || P R I N T W E A R F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 from have very limited licensing because it's the website's prime goal to be the only one selling those graphics. When downloading images off a pay website, keep your future application of the graphic in mind. Many websites offer a progressive pricing scale based on your in- tentions with the image. Personally, I have paid hundreds of dollar and have clients that have paid thousands for a single im- age with unlimited rights. Copyrighted images and protected lo- gos can be a very precarious avenue to go down. With the expressed written consent of a company or its affiliate, you may re- produce, edit, and apply specific images, usually based on a work order or specific job. The big hitters we know of are Disney, Harley-Davidson, and many auto manufac- turers. These companies will come after you if they can. When in doubt, I ask myself a simple question, given to me by an attorney friend: "How did I profit or benefit from the use of this image?" If you answer any way in the affirmative, beware. ORGANIZATION It is imperative that the images you pur- chase, create, and present to clients stay organized. Any graphic you have shown to a client or prospect should be kept in an organized series of folders, and subfold- ers on your computer. Find a method that fits your mindset. Organizing by quarter or month, and then by business name is a great way to start. Files can also be saved based on job title. Computer storage space is incredibly inexpensive, and backup drives are a drop in the bucket compared to the loss of data. Make sure employees are on the same page, too. Use any slow time in your company to go back to previ- ous jobs and offer additional products and ideas to your current client base. Custom- ers that have already spent money with CLIPART OPTIONS Keep clipart well organized so tht they are ready when you need them. Set up a logical system for your shop and make sure all employees follow that format.

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