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2 0 1 6 F E B R U A R Y P R I N T W E A R || 77 your company are the most likely to do so again. Your graphics library itself needs to be easy to browse. The old fashioned method of thumbing through hundreds of pages in printed books is extremely inefficient. A quality graphics provider will organize their graphics with keywords for easy searchability. What good is having the per- fect graphic if you can't find it? MAKING MONEY USING CLIPART Access to a quality clipart library can make or break your company. If a competitor can create impressive artwork in a fraction of the time or expense as you, problems will arise. The ability to produce raw cus- tom artwork is impressive, and something to pride yourself on, but it is certainly not an effective means of moving most jobs to production quickly. Offering custom de- signs is expensive, and the costs need to be made up somewhere. Keep in mind, however, when using cli- part, to let your customers choose from your graphics library, either online or in a limited presentation binder. Inform your customers that you will customize any im- age from your library for their specific use. You will be surprised how often a client will choose artwork that ultimately makes the job easier, and the design better. Use your graphics, templates, and li- brary, to go after new business. It is rela- tively easy to compile a custom graphic for any local business or school using produc- tion-ready templates and clipart. Create a proposal, offer new ideas to businesses for events or fundraising opportunities. A sin- gle middle school can generate thousands in revenue, for even the smallest of screen print shops. A single book of quality cli- part can save your company hundreds of hours, and offer unlimited opportunity to its growth. Templates allow you to emulate graphic artist created work in very little time and with minimal effort.

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