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1978-'96 FORD BRONCOS ARE ALSO POPULAR WITH PHOTOGRAPHERS MATT KARTOZIAN AND SCORE'S OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER ART EUGENIO, WHO CAN EASILY GET TO PHOTO LOCATIONS QUICKLY AND RELIABLY. pitting with the Honda Ridgeline team. He spent race day in the silt beds near Catavina where so many racers got stuck. Throughout the day and night, he drove up and down the middle of the silt pulling stuck racers out of the silt. The Bronco was capable enough to not just drive through the silt, but to stop, back up, turn around and get going again without issue. Hernandez also shared his thoughts for those looking for a Bronco. "Find an old man or lady that has a bone stock Bronco they've had since new. Look for service records, a straight body, and go from there. If you're on a budget stay simple, like the Solo Motorsports front shock hoop, or a coil bucket and 2.5-inch shock. For a really simple setup, keep the stock beams, get a two-inch lift coil, a 2.5-inch shock, and cams to realign the beams. In the rear, you can massage the stock leaf springs and add a 2.5-inch shock. With that setup, you can have a blast. The only bad part about a Bronco is that it is pretty much a big unibody. If you go fast and don't cage it, it will start tearing itself apart. If you want to build it right, install a roll-cage as soon as possible. If you have self-control and know you're not going to go buck wild every time you take it out, you can get by without a cage." The next time you go to a race in Baja, keep an eye out for Broncos. You will see a lot of them being rode hard and put away wet as race trucks, pre- runners and media transport.SJ 089 SCORE JOURNAL

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