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14 TECHNOLOGY WESC X RZA CHAMBERS BY RZA Issue 37 38 / APRil 2 Warp Dash Issue / MARCH 2012 This futuristic arcade endurance game lets you select your ship and speed off through a never-ending game grid with an ever-changing environment, so no two races will ever be the same. Earn extra points and speed boosts by collecting triangles and then multiply your score using warp jumps. SoundTracking This app is the easy way to share the soundtrack to your life with all of your friends. No matter where you are, from the toilet to the Taj Mahal, with a few taps of your phone you can combine a song snippet, location and photo in one post and share it as it happens. Cop a load of these eardrum-busting beauties... Unboxing the RZA Premium's was as good as opening the big box under the Christmas tree when I was five years old. Forget RZA, these could be Batman's headphones. The design is understated, these are not flashy and will look just as good with a suit as they will with your freshest garms. Forget the Dre Beats, I mean who wants to look like they're trying to be a gangster. We tested sound quality from hiphop to drum and bass to Acoustic; it was top notch across the board as you would expect from a £250 set of cans. The Street headphones come in cheaper at £150 and while you compro- mise a bit on sound they are not to be messed with. Great sound isolation perfect for the bus or the tube, both models have a feature (our favourite) for music sharing, so a mate can plug in to your tunes! Paper Toss 2.0 The second instalment of this great procrastination game has managed to pack in all the best bits of its predecessor and more. New features include new objects to toss, co-workers to annoy, moving targets, delicious achievements and even explosions. So kick back with the perfect timewasting tool and create some mayhem without the mess. We found the best games on the most popular consoles guaran- teed to get you off the sofa! GET YOUR GAME ON! ASSASSIN'S CREED (III) AC3 makes full use of a new version of the Anvil engine, which is capable of rendering thousands of NPC's (non-playable char- acters) at the same time. This latest instalment gives him tons of timesaving abilities. Taking place over the course of 30 years, the games map claims to be the largest ever created. 4G MAKES ITS WAY TO THE UK STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN It's a Clash of the Titans crossover with Capcom and Namco collaborating to produce 'Street Fighter X Tekken', a smash-hit in the fighting genre, by combining two absolute classics into one epic com- bat game. Incorporated el- ements from Street Fighter gameplay are EX Attacks and Super Combos. MAX PAYNE 3 The third instalment in the series sees Max make for the favelas in Sao Paolo, Brazil to rescue a wealthy real estate mogul's wife. Poor Max, he's not had an easy life. Despite the mark- edly Westernised portrayal of the dark and dangerous depths of South America, there's no doubt that the gameplay will be intensely fun and engaging, still, Max is looking a bit old now, so this could be the last in the series. Get it while it's hot! After joining forces to form Everything Everywhere, Orange and T-Mobile plan to bring 4G to UK, bringing US standards. The merger of the two mobile telecommunications giants Orange and T-Mobile, plans to put an end to the UK's phone envy and have us on a par with America's mobile browsing capabilities. Everything Everywhere confirmed that before this year comes to an end 4G will be in the UK, even though it'll start out "small scale". The network will be investing £1.5bn in 4G infrastructure over the next three years. However, many of the people who get 4G in its early stages will need to be in range of a relatively small selection of 20,000 3G enabled masts until the rest are updated to 3.5G (HSPA+) speeds by this summer. APPS OF THE MONTH

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