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24 FASHION LESS CLOTHING LESS clothing was only born last year in 2011. How did the whole thing kick off? It started when I was about 16 when I first went to college and I had to choose whether to do a BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design or Fashion Design. I only had one day to choose and really wasn't sure which route to take but ended up doing graphic design and incorporating fashion into my projects by screen printing my design ideas and concepts onto T-shirts. I fell in love with this connection and ended up leaving my graphic design job in 2011 to form LESS and pursue my passion for this connection between fashion and graphic design. What is the inspiration and philosophy behind the brand? The philosophy behind the brand is very important and it was to create a product that was iconic, unique and versatile something MORE than just a T-shirt for both men and women to develop a cult following. My inspirations come from everywhere day to day life, being around friends to punk ideologies to 90's house record cover artwork to current fashion and design trends. Your background is in graphic design, have you implemented this through the creation and idea process behind the clothing? Yes very much so you could say I have taken a designer's approach to it completely which I think could be quite enduring for a clothing label. For example the embossed leatherette labels is an idea that spun from embossing which can be used a lot to create a nice finish and finish a concept off in a design brief. Also concept and ideas are very important to me and the brand and I think this comes from my design background - always trying to develop and push boundaries creatively. You have already been getting a lot of love, it must be great getting recognition already? 2012 watch this space yeah? Yeah it's only been 3 months since I launched and since then things have been really good. Now I have 5 stores nationally and 1 online store with 2 features in DJ mag and a recent feature on We Love website from Ibiza. Also Ayah Marar the up and Issue 38 / APRIL 2012 Chris Bookless is the man behind this fresh new iconic label. Representing mor average tee, he creates a unisex graphic cult brand...we find out that LESS is alwa coming dance artist that is set to be doing be things this year wants to bust my stuff as much as possible and she's a really cool and super talented artist that will be hitting the big stages this year so keep your eye out for LESS. You are are based in Dalston in East London, the hub of fashion. With lots of competition out there, how do you keep ahead of the game? I'm from Newcastle but have been living here for coming up to 3 years now and it's great for inspiration I get ideas all of the time and I'm an observational person so this is great for me. But again coming from a design background could keep me ahead of the game as it's a different approach. You're at The Laden Showroom in Brick Lane, how long are you going to be stocked there? I have been stocked there since early March and it's been great. They are great to work with and very hands on so if you have a good idea they are happy to test drive it, which I think is great for creativity. The photo shoot you did for the lookbook is very slick! Do you have creative control over this too? Thanks! Yes I art directed and organised the whole shoot and it was very stressful but the outcome was good. I did have a team helping me though which were great and would like to thanks them. Sylvie Gianella - Photography Emily- Louise McGuinness - Stylist DESIGNER OF THE MONTH

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