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30 HOUSE / TECHNO JOE LE GROOVE INTERVIEWS Issue 37 / APRIL 2012 SETH TROXLER Joe Le Groove You started your career almost a decade ago working in record shop, did your parents have a strong influence on your music? Yeah my dad was a DJ and my parents listened to rap music, totally I mean when you are kid I you don't realise how much of a influence they have on you until you are an adult, but yeah they had a really big influence on me in general. What kind of stuff were your parents listening to? Well my dads show played lots of different stuff and was a mix between rnb, hip-hop and house like Louie Vega and more Chicago stuff. So that's where your soul in the music that you are producing right now is coming from? Oh yeah absolutely, yeah. Have you got any plans for an album this year? Ummm yeah! Haha, you seem pretty laid back about that? It's gonna come. So you you can't really let me know what's going basically? Nah, I have just started to get back into making music, I took some off and started being lazy and DJing a lot but know its like 'Why Not?'. I'm just starting to get my confidence back, its kinda weird when you're working with your group all the time and then making music by yourself and you take some time off and in that time off I'm busy doing other stuff and you kinda lose your confidence and then expec- tations come in. Yeah of course... Yeah, expectations are shit you know? Expectations suck but its kinda a driving force to a masterpiece is it not? For me people expect me to do something, it drives me crazy! The less people expect from me the better it's gonna be. Thats how I roll! I go to a gig and peo- ple are like 'oh is it going to be like this or that' and it can be a let down, but if you don't expect anything then its like wow I don't expect that! Really its like a double edged sword, because when people are trying to get to a level that you're at, there are expecta- tions . So now you have done your thing with Shaun,Ryan and Lee you're back with that same kind of feeling aren't you? Yeah, trying to get to where you're growing up and you have that drive like this is i'm going to do this and this is my dream, damn! You're like I got fire, and then when you get there you're like wow I don't want this to stop! You're a bit afraid, but then you get a different type of drive its weird. At first you're just playing around making stuff and you have this place in your head, then you get your dream and its like this isn't where I exactly thought I was going to be, but it's cool too. Yeah of course but it must be amazing the fact that your close friends Shaun Reeves, Lee Curtis and Ryan Cross have also ridden the waves with you thats super cool isnt it? Yeah they are my best friends, so I get to hang out with my best friends all the time and we get to travel around. My other friend Eric he has been with us from the star,t he is my tour manager, we all fucking hang out man! We hang out with our friends, travel- ling around the world getting high, it's fucking cool man! Yeah that i'm talking about, you're living the dream as they would say definitely. so tell me something who is the horse head? Is it a secret or is it Eric? Nah it's my ex fiance. Haha. Oh right, let's move swiftly on to the next question swiftly? Hahah yeah next ques- tion haha. So if you were locked in a room for 12 hours and you had to listen to one instrument play con- tinuously what would it be and why? A guitar because it is mellow and too many keys drive me fucking crazy, a saxophone, a harp no way. With a guitar I could just play really soft music maybe a harp because I could fall asleep. I bet you were the class clown at school? Kind of, I had like two lives. One at school and one outside of school. You were flipmode, you would be a certain way at school and then outside of school you would be different? Yeah I would go to raves and hang out but in school I was like I fucking hate this, get me out of here. I would crack some jokes though! The class clown used to always piss me off though I was like 'damn it you're getting us in trouble we gotta do more work so just sit down and fucking shut up so we can get out of here!' That was kinda like my view in school. You're playing at Ben and Wills Return To The Future party in May. They got a lot of love for you. Are you going to throw down something special there. Obviously with all your gigs there is always something special but is there going to be something unique there? Yeah they're my best mates, some gigs I feel I want to break out the special shit, this is going to be a big one for sure. Also you have just been re- leased as one of the headliners at SW4? Yeah it's going to be cool. I knew I was playing but I didn't know I was one of the headliners. Well we are nearly five months into the 2012 conscious shift what has your experience been so far? It's been pretty amazing man and I just read the new Eckhart You can catch Seth at Return To The Future on 4th May and also at Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit on 26th- 28th May, he has also been added to the SW4 line. Ahead of playing at the epic Return To The Future Bank Holiday Rave on 4th May, expect a special set from this uber laid back artist. Tolle book entitled 'A New Earth' which is about awakening and consciousness I think its gonna happen I feel that if everybody gets on board we can really live in a special place. I think its been good so far. People are awakening and realising what is important to them, not doing things cause people and Society tell you to you to. It should come from within really. Exactly! If you were banished to a desert island and you could take three famous people dead or alive who would they be and why? I would take Larry Davis for sure, I fucking love Larry! Also maybe Jesus as he could keep Larry under control and then Keith Richards. Umm I suppose I need a girl there too! Like a famous old loose woman. Nice and at- tractive and motherly but loose, I need to add an extra person. JOE LE GROOVE┬┤S TOP 10 1. Another Planet - Stargazer - Planet Dust 2. Den Ishu - High You gunna feel - Supernature Records 3. Kate Simko and MAtt Tolfrey - Take It Easy - Leftroom 4. Devlin Ramereo - Solar Flash - Brake Horse Records 5. Elon - Up North - Get Physical Music 6. DeadEcho - Milkshake (Tim Paris remix) - My Favorite Robot Records 7. Jib Rafil - Indian Summer - Brake Horse Records 8. Cesar Coronado - Crazy Position - Flumo Recordings 9. Joe Le Groove & Julian Dury - After Jelly - Brake Horse Records 10. Andy Stick, Siblings - A Friday Night - Martine

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