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48 REGGAE / DANCEHALL REGGAE / DANCEHALL Issue 34 / JANUARY 2011 Issue 34 / December 2011 Issue 38 / APRIL 2012 BUSY SIGNAL So I understand that you have some very diverse musical influences. Whitney Houston, Jay Z, Eminem, even Madonna and Luciano Pavarotti. What do you like about these artists and what do they bring to the whole Busy Signal experience musically? It's the commitment to the music. They do real music and it's like when I listen to Burning Spear; I love the respect. It's not like he just makes the one song. Like right now, I'm wanting to collab with him. He has never done a combination in his whole career and I want to be the one to get a chance because I re- spect him and listen to his songs a lot. We have to appreciate and look up to these people. Yes, you hear me doing dancehall and as a matter of fact, this summer I have a dancehall album coming out but, I show love. I want to respect reggae music because reggae gave birth to dancehall and dancehall to hip- hop and reggaeton. Yes that's right. And I noticed that you were also going around doing some soca music. Yes I was doing some soca music and different genres; it just gives me that exposure and that experience. But I'm just using my talent that God gave me. I've had guidance from Dean Fraser, Donavan Germain at Penthouse, Shane Brown, Errol Brown, Beres Hammond and Marcia Griffith. These people have guided me along the way and so when I APRIL RELEASES VARIOUS ARTIST Ragga Ragga Ragga (VP RECORDS) SIZZLA DonĀ“t Mislead The Youth Ep (LOCKSMITH RECORDS) BUSY SIGNAL Reggae Music Again (VP RECORDS) TARRUS RILEY Mecoustic (SOULBEAT RECORDS) BOB MARLEY Marley (ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK) CUTTY RANKS Full Blast (IDP) get the reception, I take it upon myself and do a reggae album because people appreciate reggae music. It's one of the biggest genres of music outside of Jamaica. Right, right, for real. Cos that puts Jamaica on the map! Yeah man! Reggae music does the thing so I just show respect and do what I can in terms of my talent. And everything I do, I do to the best of my ability. You were born in Saint Ann in Jamaica. Yeah man and I grew up in a Christian family so everything was strict. My mother carried me to church. The first time I held a microphone it was at church. The first time I sang was at church. The first time I knew what a drum set was, was at church. I fell in love with music at a tender age. You have x amount of hits and you're well in demand around the world. You've been doing it for a long time now but it was in 2005 that you announced yourself to the world with Step Out in terms of international recognition. You know sometimes I go to some places and the people are still begging me to sing that. *laughs* But I don't have any favourites. I just put out the work and see it explode in the right manner to get the exposure I need. Why shouldn't I be repre- We're filled in on his musical influences, his latest video and the song that helped his international acclaim, Step Out... senting my own culture which is reggae, dancehall, ska, mento...? Why should I be afraid to do these things? I see Gentleman, Alborosie, Collie Budz. These people aren't Jamaican but they love the music and enhance it. Why can't I do the same? Why can't I do better? This is my genre. This is my culture. You know what, it's true. And a question I have to ask is what's your most memorable experi- ence on stage to date? I have to say Gambia. It was my first time in Africa. Busy Signal was on the stadium. It was me alone on stage. 60,000 people. Wow. 60,000. Some people couldn't even get in cos the stadium could only hold 52,000. Wow. So coming back to your album, the lead single is Come Over (Missing You) and the video on YouTube is quite different and has about half a million views. Yes, it's different. We even have foul in the video! Some people don't even know what foul is! Yes, I even saw you washing pots and plates in the river... Yeah but you have some people who don't know about those things so we're bringing it to the forefront. People need some- thing that's different. COOL RUNNINGS Cool Runnings (BRISTOL ARCHIVE RECORDS) BLACK ROOTS All Day All Night (DELUXE EDITION) SKARRA MUCCI Return Of The Raggamuffin (SOUNDQUAKE) I JAH Future Dub EP JUNIOR MARVIN SmokinĀ“ To The Big M Music CORNADOOR Final Move feauturing Kabaka Pyramid

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