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February 2016

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A breakthrough in grass seed treatment, stimulating and supporting accelerated germination and emergence The best thing next to your grass seed Compared to untreated seed, Germin-8 trials under cold (8°C) wet conditions showed up to 100% increase in germination after 10 days. There's no broken coating particles, no dust left in the bag – Germin-8 adds a maximum of just 2% to the weight of a bag meaning no increase in sowing rate. Available on all the 'R' mixtures in Rigby Taylor's quality grass seed range. Rigby Taylor Limited Freephone 0800 424919 Web: E-mail: Untreated after 10 days Germin-8 treated after 10 days Germin-8 is a liquid cocktail pre-applied to each individual grass seed and activated when the seed comes into contact with moisture in the rootzone: NEW SEED TREATMENT Speciality surfactant gives faster penetration of soil moisture into the seed Potassium Nitrate and micro-nutrients are transported into the seed and absorbed by the emerging roots, advancing both germination and emergence The microbial stimulant Activate XL sugars Micronised mycorrhizal fungi colonize emerging roots to increase nutrient absorption and give long term symbiotic health benefits to the sward

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