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MARCH 2016 | 115 photograph by Sadie Dayton For decades now, the medspa world has raved about the miracle of the quick fix—fast treatments and procedures that change the way we look in a relatively short time. Almost anyone who's tried them can attest: You see an immediate difference that improves your skin, rights a wrong angle, or helps you look younger. And looking younger is indeed the goal for the vast majority of the people seeking medspa treatments these days. The procedures that are the industry's workhorses are well known: injectable hyaluronic acid- based fillers such as Restylane (great for smoothing wrinkles and lip en- hancement); exfoliators like derma- planing (a chemical-free, no-down- time option), microdermabrasion (which uses a stream of fine crystals to painlessly diminish wrinkles and contend with acne and scarring), and chemical peels (resurfacing that ranges from subtle to dramatic); and, of course, that ultimate wrinkle- busting injection, Botox. All of the above can generally be done on your lunch hour, and usually have little to no downtime. And yet, while they may all be cor- nerstones, they're also part of an ever-evolving landscape of beauty treatments and techniques. And a small handful of local experts have emerged as leaders in approach- ing beauty as a larger puzzle—one that, rather than resorting to a dramatic change (à la classic face- changing surgical facelift), incorpo- rates these procedures as part of a long-term, everyday effort that also brings in new procedures, prod- ucts, and practices. "We don't ever want to change what people look like, we are in- terested in enhancing their natural attributes," explains Dawn Tardif, owner of Bodiscience in Beverly. "Every client we treat is unique, and seeking their own personal results. In addition to offering stress-relieving experiences, Ayurvedic treatments, massage, energetic face and body treatments, the most important focus we have, is educating people on how to maintain the results achieved by partaking in a more medicinal ap- proach. We focus on how people treat themselves overall." Tardif 's emphasis on the whole person and the big picture is a by- product of her professional focus on Ayurveda, the holistic school she's been trained in for years. "I share with clients that the secret to beauty is a delicate approach of creating lifestyle changes that nurture the whole you. If you decided to take a more medical skincare approach, we encourage considering a change in behaviors—so as not to re-create the skin condition you were seek- ing medical spa intervention of. We nourish the results achieved by creating self-care regimens to keep your skin ageless and diminish the stressors which cause you to age more rapidly." Dawn Tardif owns Bodiscience Wellness Center and Spa.

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