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92 | MARCH 2016 BY MARY GRAUERHOLZ Dr. Daniel A. Eyink offers natural healthcare solutions by combining a variety of medical practices. Wholesome Healing photograph by Dawn Kingston While vampires and zombies continue to lurch across our media screens, to see a real bogeyman, watch a 1960s commercial decrying the evils of saturated fat. It's enough to put the fright into anyone. Blamed for heart disease and weight gain, among other calamities, it turns out that in-depth saturated fats are actually good for you when consumed in moderation. "Traditional medicine has said that margarine is better than butter; skim milk is better than whole milk; and to eat low-fat food," says Dr. Daniel A. Eyink, owner of Dr. Dan's Natural Healing Center in Newburyport. "Eggs FACES have been put down." In reality, eat- ing a variety of whole, natural foods is best for optimal health. Dr. Eyink says his center's message is to get back to eating "real" food. "That's how to fuel the body," he says. It's a simple philosophy that has been a valuable lesson for many of the patients who flock to the High Street center for treatment. Here, Dr. Eyink, a medical doctor and licensed acupuncturist—along with fellow practitioner Dr. Alia Elias, a naturopath and licensed acupuncturist, and other staff—use acupuncture, nutrition therapy, and nutrition education to try to Dr. Eyink advocates for people to eat whole, natural foods for optimal health.

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