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WRAP TECHNIQUES W I N D O W F I L M S Window Film Application Tips How to create unique and inspiring workspaces B Y J O E Y H E I O B A rchitects and interior designers are focusing more and more on creating unique and inspiring workspaces. One way to achieve special effects is with etched or frosted vinyl films installed on both interior and exterior windows. These graphics can be representations of the company logo or be used to cre- ate privacy for interior conference rooms or for decorative purposes. Often, the desired look is achieved with Avery Dennison SC 900 Series Etchmark and Frosted Sparkle films. Following are tips and techniques will help ensure a suc- cessful install. Proper Window Preparation Proper preparation of the window the graphic will be applied to is very critical to a successful application. Each win- dow should be cleaned using a window cleaner that is ammonia free. After the window has been fully wiped down and the cleaner removed, a second and final cleaning should be done using straight isopropyl alcohol ( I PA ), which will remove any residue that may have been left behind by the cleaning solution used. Type of Vinyl Being Used Avery Dennison manufactures two specialty window films called Etchmark and Frosted Sparkle. These films are 2.0 mil cast vinyl with clear permanent pres- sure sensitive adhesive. These products are fully compatible with CAD plotters and have up to a 5-year outdoor durabil- ity on vertical applications. Joey Heiob is technical service representa- tive, Avery Dennison, Label and Packaging Materials. 88 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 Using a squeegee, work from the center of the graphic out toward the edge of the graphic, forcing the fluid out from behind the graphic. After the graphic has been fully squeegeed down, trim the vinyl to fit the glass. Make sure it is all smooth with no air bubbles. Using a spray bottle, spray the application fluid that you chose on the area of the win- dow where the graphic will be installed. Apply a generous amount. (Image courtesy of Sign Warehouse)

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