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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 93 have a digital temperature read out and may incorporate an IR gun temperature reader for the surface of the vinyl. A hand-held torch, on the other hand, may be more practical to use when installing outside or on a job site where electricity may be scarce. One instance where a torch could be a better solution is when installing air-egress vinyl over rivets. The quick high heat allows the vinyl to conform easier to the rivet and will re-memorize the vinyl so it stays down and doesn't release from the rivets. It is always a good idea as a profes- sional installer to familiarize yourself with both heat sources so as to be able to accomplish the installation regardless of the type of heat used. Rollers and Rivet Tools As the industry grows, more opportu- nities become available for installers and companies to increase their square foot- age sales of media by taking advantage of walls and building sides. These substrates can be interior walls and/or outside walls including bricks, stones, stuccos, etc., and there are various roller tools made to tackle the large installations with speed and expert results. Outside textured concrete walls require a high heat setting to install the vinyl properly. Roller tools with attached heat sources will heat the vinyl suffi- ciently while rolling, resulting in an effi- cient, properly installed job. In addition, there are several hand-held rollers that can be used in conjunction with a heat source, some of which are larger rollers, making the job go faster. When covering rivets on trailers, the tools used will depend on the type of vinyl. The best solution to installing rivets when using a vinyl with pre- mask—such as pre-spaced, cut vinyl designs or lettering, or non-laminated vinyls with pre-mask—are rivet brushes. While it takes time to address each rivet, the results are professional. When install- ing air-egress wrap vinyl in sheets, a small rivet roller tool and heat are key. Wrap Gloves Wrap gloves have developed into an essential tool that most installers keep in their tool boxes. The hand can be the most useful tool in the arsenal and by wearing a wrap glove at appropriate times, this method can aid in all types of complex area installs and various types of vinyls. The gloves, sewn from a lint free conformable material, can be used dry or damp with either water or wrap juice, depending on the application at hand. Surface temperature control heat gun. (Image courtesy of Master Appliance) Rivet rollers. Edge sealer. (Image courtesy of 3M Commercial Graphics)

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