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94 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 94 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 Emblem Removal Tools Emblem removal tools are available that can make the job of removing manu- facturers badges for clean installs an easy task. Most have a filament of some type that is used with a sawing motion to cut through the thick double-sided tape holding the emblem to the surface of the car without damaging the emblem itself. The badges can then be placed over the finished wrap, or stored and re-applied when the wrap has been removed. Consumables Knifeless Tape—Faster, easier and safer than traditional trimming, Knifeless Tape mostly replaces the use of a knife when detailing a wrap, which in turn eliminates the possibility of cutting into a vehicle's paint. There are also applica- tion tools for the Knifeless tape includ- ing a Start stick and a Knife tape wheel that can be used alone or attached to a wrist band. Edge Sealers—Edge Seal Tape can be used on any gloss vinyl wrap edge that needs to be sealed and when used with perforated window films will protect the graphic from elements such as dust water and dirt that may collect in the perfo- rated areas of the window film. Liquid Edge Sealer can be applied to all exposed edges of vinyl to help prevent lifting due to environmental exposure or cleaning and is especially useful for marine applications, i.e., boat wraps. Vinyl Adhesive Primers—Primers for vinyl installations are used to improve vinyl adhesion where vinyl will be heated and stretched to increase adhesion, they are applied directly to the substrate prior to installing the vinyl. Look Online The variety of tools on the market may seem overwhelming at first glance especially to individuals and companies new to the business, but most tool manu- facturers post videos of their products, both on their websites and Internet video channels such as YouTube. The videos are sometimes short clips, but can also be in depth training videos. Considering the advancements in wrap tools and the many choices already on the market, a little research will ensure installers find the perfect tool for their job. A wide range of wrap tools can be purchased from your supplier and fre- quently can be ordered direct from the manufacturer. TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Wall rollers. Knifeless tape. (Image courtesy of Knifeless Tape Systems) Wrap tools have made huge advancements.

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