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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 99 Mimaki Users Wrapping Inside Vehicles, Too Ken VanHorn, director, Marketing and Business Development, Mimaki U S A , Suwanee, Georgia reports that some of their users are not just wrap- ping the exterior of a vehicle; they're using Mimaki products to enhance interiors, from custom printing seating surfaces to providing dashboard graph- ics. "Expanding beyond wrapping the outside to offer custom graphics and decorated goods is a way for wrap shops to grow their business incrementally." VanHorn points out that Mimaki offers several products that are used by shops for wraps. "The Mimaki UJV500 U V- L E D printer offers exceptional weatherability for vehicle wraps," he says. "This model uses Mimaki original LUS- 200 UV inks that were jointly developed with 3M. When applied onto select 3M media and installed using 3M guidelines, this ink carries the 3M MCS Warranty, widely recognized as the industry's most comprehensive finished graphics war- ranty. These inks offer 200 percent flex- ibility and are ideal for applications with curved surfaces such as vehicle wraps and fleet graphics where stretching could crack other UV inks." Other Wrap Options Other models for wrap shops include the Mimaki JV400LX roll-based printer, which uses eco-friendly, water-based latex inks that are fast-drying for imme- diate handling or secondary processing. "Prints don't need to outgas before lami- nation, so installation isn't delayed. This This 4x4 matte black wrap printed and installed by Roland customer 54 Blue Communications, a graphics and com- munications firm based in Calgary, AB, Canada for their client, Oakley. (Image courtesy of 54 Blue Communications) These seats were removed from the vehicle and placed on a Mimaki JFX500 flatbed printer, and the decorative "tire mark" was printed directly onto the surface. The seats were then reassembled and installed in the Corvette. (Image courtesy of West Coast Customs, Burbank, California) Mitchell says both the HP Latex 360 (pictured) and Latex 370 printers also create their own ICC profiles, so if users want to make unique customer color profiles, it's as easy as pushing a button. (Images courtesy of HP)

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