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104 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Learning Curve When my partner Susanne Tuor and I started Icon Image Graphics, we came from backgrounds outside of the graph- ics installation industry and rigorously researched and studied every aspect of the vinyl wrapping business—from understanding the differences between cast and calendared film to studying an assortment of product bulletins from leading manufacturers—in order to launch our new venture. With no prior wrapping experience or an apprentice- ship at another sign shop, it was vital for us to perfect the basics of the business. Once we were confident in our graph- ics expertise, we wanted to connect our new business venture with our previ- ous passion: the entertainment indus- try. Having a background in film and a shop based near Los Angeles made it easier for us to connect with art direc- tors and producers who were looking for new artistic direction and products that would help lower their costs and expand set design options. Because of my previ- ous professional experience with camera set-ups, lighting concepts and construct- ing false fronts for film sets and theatre stages, clients in the film industry were comfortable with Icon Image Graphics' feed- back and suggestions concerning vinyl work, and the possibility of incorporating it into their overall design aesthetic and vision. Growing Markets I believe it's cru- cial for shop owners and graphics installers to use their previous experience or personal interest in niche indus- tries in order to lever- age additional business and create opportu- nities in previously untouched segments. In our experience, many art direc- tors and producers weren't aware of the impact vinyl applications can have on a set or stage, or didn't even know it was a possibility. As more opinion leaders and decision makers in industries such as entertainment become aware of the ingenuity and effectiveness of vinyl appli- cations and specialty films, the demand and available amount of work increases. This growth stems from both install- ers and manufacturers. Creativity and ambitious design from installers have expanded the use of specialty films, tex- tures and different color options. Advancement in technology from leading graphic manufacturers has also increased the diversity and availability of product choices, further opening the door for innovative and unique vinyl applications for many new industries— including show business. Challenging Project During the past few years, Icon Image Graphics has worked on several chal- lenging, yet extremely fulfilling projects in the entertainment industry that have allowed us to showcase the versatility and creative value vinyl installations and spe- cialty films have to offer. One of our most recent installations is an ideal example of both how far vinyl has come, and how much designers are willing to push the envelope for their set design and production. Cirque du Soleil's new theatrical division came to my team during their production of Las Vegas' premier of "For the Record: Baz," a musical mash-up stage production of director Baz Luhrmann's films The Great Gatsby, Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge and Strictly Ballroom at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The show's creative team was looking for innovative ways to offset expensive lighting costs, yet still give the production a dynamic and energized feel. Working in tandem with the show team, Icon Image Graphics developed a striking reflective stage using 3 M Scotchlite Reflective Icon Image Graphics' finished organ wrap for Miranda Lambert's performance at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. Icon Image Graphics' finished piano and guitar wrap for the Dan + Shay performance at the 50th Anniversary ACM Awards.

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