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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 105 Graphic Film Series 5100, 5100R and 3M Scotchcal Matte Overlaminate 3647. The stage was designed in 30 pieces of different shapes and sizes that fit together like a giant puzzle in order to accommo- date the venue and 360-degree theatrical experience. The show was an incredible success, and the reflective film offered an unbelievable visual experience that light- ing alone would never have been able to achieve. Without our early forays in the entertainment business, however, we may have never had the great opportunity to work on "For the Record: Baz." Jack's Piano Theater isn't our only music suc- cess story. In 2013, we were tasked with wrapping musician Jack White's piano for his performance at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Wrapped in an eye- catching sky blue (3M Wrap Film Series 1080-G77 Gloss Sky Blue), the piano was front and center for one of the best performances of the evening, and started to create buzz among music's elite and their designers. Thanks to the success of this early project, we've been able to uniquely position Icon Image Graphics to con- tinue working on projects at various award shows, including instruments wrapped in shiny gold (3 M Wrap Film Series 1080-BR241 Brushed Gold) for Dan + Shay's performance at the 50th Anniversary ACM Awards, and a bold, statement-making red (3M Wrap Film Series 1080-G13 Gloss Hotrod Red) for Miranda Lambert's performance at the 2015 Grammys. We also had the opportunity to host a wrap demo backstage for artists and designers who had never before consid- ered vinyl as an option in their work, or knew of its existence. At the time, the majority of instruments and set pieces in Hollywood were being painted by production teams, which is costly and may permanently change or ruin the long-term appearance of the instru- ment, equipment or set piece. (During the demo, certain artists and their man- agers kept referring to the vinyl as "tape," and our team was happy to educate them on the benefits of products far more advanced than standard tape.) Incredible Dividends Our early work in the entertain- ment industry has paid incredible divi- dends for the success of our business as producers and set designers who were excited about the possibilities vinyl had to offer. This approach has continually brought us additional business, includ- ing projects for "American Idol," the BET Awards, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the American Country Music Awards and more. This work is exciting, but admit- tedly also a bit nerve-wracking, as most projects are featured on television, stage, or in photo-shoots where perfection is the standard expectation. As a whole, the entertainment indus- try has not only opened the door to new opportunities for vinyl projects, but it has also provided evidence that graphic installations can go far beyond vehicle wraps, wall graphics and signs. Find Your Niche At Icon Image Graphics, we continue to look for new avenues and industries for vinyl installation, and use the con- nections we've made in film and enter- tainment to leverage additional business. My advice: find your niche. Ask yourself how your past experience or personal passion can positively impact your busi- ness. Engage your employees to do the same. When we task ourselves to look beyond the expected, significant oppor- tunities can arise that provide both busi- ness success and personal fulfillment. Icon Image Graphics' finished piano wrap for Jack White prior to his performance at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

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