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graphic services and equipment, says his company is able to offer clients more cus- tomized options for images and textures, but any very specialized images still have to be done overseas. "Customers are able to create a design and we can send it to our printer in Taiwan," Rojas says. "As a result, you tend to see project-based turnaround times for anything custom." On a much smaller scale, some ven- dors are starting to be able to produce custom film images, but they may not be suitable for larger commercial jobs. Mount Hope, West Virginia-based Pro Street Graphix offers a print film vir- tually any user can customize on a home- scale, pigment-based inkjet printer. The results, however, are individual 8½ by 11 sheets that will be entirely suitable for some smaller objects—or for creating a customized logo or image as part of a larger hydrographics project—but any very large item still requires the use of an offshore-sourced film to get things right. Fort Worth HydroGraphics' McDonald says he's working on sourcing his own special printer to allow custom film out- put, and hopes to have that capability by summer of 2016. In the meantime, Rojas says his com- pany is still doing a particularly good business training signmakers and print- ers across the country on how to become experts in the burgeoning hydrographics field. Would-be hydro-dippers can take part in a two-day, hands-on course offered at TWN Industries' facility, located south of Miami, where they can learn how to handle the equipment, set up the film and activator, as well as prepping and painting various objects before the dipping process. Those who are interested in taking hydrographics to the next level can also learn about automated systems available with robotic dipping arms, washing sys- tems and conveyor belts to run parts on an assembly line-styled production basis. 2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 115 Want to be the coolest guy at the coffee shop? Even insulated coffee cups are a great subject for wraparound hydrographics jobs. + NEXT DAY TURNAROUND + CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE PRODUCTS WWW.APRINTCO.COM | (888) 333-7458 14 OZ PREMIUM V I N Y L B A N N E R H E M & G R O M M E T S I N C L U D E D | 1 0 0 0 X 1 0 0 0 D E N I E R .88¢ SQ/FT ONLY Toolbox Welcome to the Toolbox section, where we present resources to enrich and expand your business with great services and products from our advertisers. Quickly find and request free information on the suppliers featured in this section by visiting

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