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16 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 BUSINESS & SALES Most shops (54%) are using print- ers with eco-solvent or light-solvent inks, while about 18 percent are using printers equipped with latex/resin inks. A little more than 7 percent of shops are using true solvents and about 3 percent of shops use UV-curing ink systems. The majority (78%) use a cartridge-based ink system while about 13 percent employ a bulk ink system in their shop. Laminators—The overwhelming majority of shops (91%) use film lami- nates for their wraps work, and are using laminating equipment from a variety of manufacturers. Only a little more than 3 percent of shops say they don't laminate their work. About 24 percent of shops say they plan to purchase a new film lamina- tor within the next year. Vinyl Cutters—About 65 percent of shops have vinyl cutters in their shops, and 15 percent say the will be looking to buy or upgrade their cutter in the next year. Wrap Film—Among various cat- egories of graphic films, more than 80 percent of shops say they use printed film, laminating film, cut vinyl film and perforated window film. Color-change film (43%) and specialty films such as chrome/metallic (47%) and paint protec- tion (37%) films are less frequently used. Film Preferences—When select- ing wrap media, shops say they most prefer films that offer air-release chan- nels (89%), conformability (80%), good durability (70%) and good print quality (69%). Other desirable attributes include color fastness, repositionability, stretch- ability, lifting resistance, removability and price point. Less than 10 percent of shops say that environmentally friendly films are of primary importance to them. Wrap Tools—The vast majority of shops (more than 97%) say the wrap tools they use include squeegees, cut- ters/knives and heat guns. Most (92%) use prep cleaners, and many (about 75%) use wrap magnets, wrap gloves and knife- less tape. Warranties and Certifications Almost all shops (93%) offer some kind of warranty for the wrap work they do. Only about 7 percent say they offer no warranty. Of those shops offering warranties, 56 percent offer a warranty that is based on both the film manufac- turer's warranty and a shop warranty. Most (57%) say the warranty they offer does not increase the price of the wrap, while about 12 percent of shops charge between $1 and $5 for their warranty. Installer certifications for individuals and shops are growing in popularity, but the majority of shops (52%) say they do not use certified installers. Certifications are being earned from a range of cer- Most wrap shops do their own in-house designs, and installations. (Image courtesy of Mutoh) Key findings in this report indicate that shops are doing quite well with wraps and that the industry is healthy and growing.

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