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BUSINESS & SALES 18 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 Here's a beautiful Z06 Vette we just wrapped in black satin. If you always stick to the high road, you'll do it right every time. B U S I N E S S A D V I C E Check Writing vs. Check Cashing: Avoiding Wrap Returns Straight talk from Troy Downey T hink about this: Are you in the Check Cashing business or the Check Writing business? In the Check Cashing business, the only time you want a client to come back to you is when he/she wants you to com- plete another (new) project. A Check Writing business is one where a client returns because there was Troy Downey is the founder of Coronado, Calif.-based A.P.E. Wraps. He specializes in custom, one-off wraps while also providing wraps training, education, demos and numerous seminars at various industry trade shows. For more information about Troy and A.P.E. Wraps, visit a problem with their wrap—due to an installer error, or worse a material failure (usually because the client was ignorant to the facts regarding the actual durabil- ity of their wrap). In order to make things right, you end up writing checks. Foundation: Setting the Tone The check cashing business begins and ends with the management of client expectations. Establishing exactly what is expected from them and what you'll be providing is one key element to the suc- cess of avoiding wrap returns. No matter how minor you may think the following example is, it is the foundation of what you can expect from the client and con- versely from your team. Example—Have the client perform this simple exercise; this will help you

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