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What green means and how to improve your sustainability B Y C R A I G C A M P B E L L BUSINESS & SALES G R E E N E R F I L M O P T I O N S 24 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 Increasing demand for "greener" wrap films means you should be in the know when discussing alternative wrap materials with your clients. (Image courtesy of Orafol and VWvortex) Understanding All the Options One of the main drivers is a law called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) which mainly tar- gets products used by or near children's toys. For wrappers, that could mean a graphic wrap of a child's bedroom, or a wrapped toy such as a peddle car. R emember back in 2010-2011 when everyone was freaking out over "going green" but no one could tell you what "green" actually meant? Well, whether you have been paying atten- tion or not, the revolution has already begun and if you are not sure which PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) materials are more environmentally friendly, then you've come to the right place. Although not all of these materials are designed for vehicle wraps, they certainly can be used for wall wraps, storefronts, etc. Knowing what the limitations of these materials will put in you in the know when dis- cussing these alternative materials with your clients. Craig Campbell is the graphic products market- ing manager at ORAFOL Americas. Let's dive into this and see if we can not only provide some insight into alter- native materials but also dispel some mis- understandings about the current PSA materials you are already using and what to expect from more sustainable options. PVC Equals Bad? Polyvinylchloride or "PVC" equals "bad," right? Well… as far as being a sustainable solution for vinyl graphic applications, maybe, but consider it is the same inert material that is used in the pipes of your house, which has been deemed quite safe for the last few decades. Speaking of going back several decades—it was then that PVC became the base material of choice for graphic marking films due to its ability to be made in just about any color, durable and provide elasticity for application to a variety of substrates. However, the inherent negative of producing films with PVC is that it also Going Green?

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