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30 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 BUSINESS & SALES We of course want the customer who is still in the early stages of interest to come back to us when they are ready. The best way to fully answer their gen- eral questions is to ask questions of your own and provide them with good infor- mation. We keep printed templates at the counter of a smaller Transit van and a full size cargo van. On each of these vehicles the coverage is broken down four differ- ent ways—from spot graphics to a full wrap. If the customer has a car or smaller vehicle we'll grab the Transit example; if they have a bigger vehicle we'll grab the full size van example. Often by showing them something they can visualize it helps them to see budget ranges. Then we'll ask them if they have a budget in mind. After a bit of prodding you can usually get a general budget range out of the customer. Taking their budget then you should be able to give them a rough idea of cov- erage. At the very least discuss partial to full wrap options. "We can just wrap your tailgate and combine it with some spot graphics." or "Based on your budget we should be able to do a full wrap." Review instruction bul- letins and product bul- letins for the wrap media and laminates you use. Glean particular informa- tion you might want to add to your checklist and also use the bulletins to support warranty information you give the customer based on their vehicle condition and wrap placement.

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